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Programme élite hiver 2023

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Презентация Мое Любимое Животное

My favourite pet is my dog. His name is Larry. He is white with a bit of brown. He has long fur and a short tail. He is very cute and funny. When he hears my voice his tail is wagging. He likes eating meat, cakes and even chocolate. He lives in our house. All my family likes to play with him. Larry loves to run in the fields. He often follows me around the house with a small ball in his teeth and drops it on my foot, so I will kick it. Larry takes care of me. If someone approaches me, he starts to bark. But he never bites. All these reasons show why I really love my wonderful dog Larry.

Презентация Мое Любимое Животное

My favourite pet is my little cat. Its name is Musya. Her colour is white, grey and a little reddish. She has very sharp teeth and yellow eyes. I take care of my cat. She has soft fluffy fur. She cleans it by her selves, but I also keep her neat and clean. I feed Musya healthy dry food and milk, but she also likes fish and meat. She is playful. Sometimes she is scratching me with her claws. Musya likes to go out in our garden where she eats some grass and climbs a tree. Sometimes she catches mice or birds. I like playing with my cat very much.

My favourite animal is a horse. Its name is Mila. Its colour is brown. She is very tall and strong. Her teeth are very big and her tail is bushy and long. Horses are very useful. Mila lives on a farm and she helps farmers in their work. She likes eating grass, hay, apples, carrots and bread. Mila runs very fast. She is very friendly. I love to feed her, to take care of her, and I love riding her.

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