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Beretta's Island (1993)

Franco Columbo stars as Interpol operative Franco Armando - code name Beretta - who's forced out of retirement to avenge the cold-blooded murder of a cop. The killer's trail leads to Franco's hometown on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where drugs are turning the peaceful village into a hell hole. The sinister druglord has a sadistic welcome for Franco: the kidnapping of his best friend's beautiful daughter.

Beretta's Island (1993)

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**SPOILERS** Somewhat ridicules movie staring world champion muscle man Franco Columbu playing the part of recently retired Interpol Agent Franco Armando aka Code name "Beretta". Franco's quiet and easy life of pumping up with his good friend and fellow muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the local World Gym, riding his Harley and dancing on the grape, by making his own and favorite wines, quickly comes to a sudden and unexpected end at the start of the film Beretta's Island. That's when Franco's informed, through the Interpol grape-vine, that Columbian drug dealers are setting up shop in his hometown of Ollolia Sardinia.Reinstated into Interpol and back in action Franco shoots down to Ollolai to put a stop to this threat to the people of Sardina who have never had a serious drug problem, like the US, before. The drug gang lead by the Nicolas Cage look-alike Johnny Carrea, Van Quattro, had already had a confrontation with Franco back in Las Vages where Interpol Agent, and Franco's partner, Tina, Audrey Brunner, was gunned down.Franco having a new, and far more attractive and busty, woman Interpol Agent Linda, Elizabeth Kaitan, to help him track down and capture Johnny Carrea's drug gang has him, more then once in the film, more interested in making it with her then capturing them! As for Johnny he's so neurotic and mentally unbalanced that by the time the movie is over he ends up wiping, in suspecting them of double-crossing him, out his entire gang before Franco has a chance to do it himself! As for the big and expensive drug-some 20 kilos of cocaine-stash Johnny has he leaves it practically out in the open for Franco and his friend on the island Barone, Ken Kenchevai, to easily find and destroy with just one a stick of dynamite. Leaving the millions of dollars worth of coke in his drug laboratory apartment with the door unlocked and no one guarding it Johnny had about as much concern for his expensive cargo as he would have for the Staten Island Fresh Kill garbage dump!Always finding an excuse to strip off his shirt to show off his bulging muscles Franco should have been an easy target for Johnny and his boys to put away. Yet with all the bullets directed at him the Carrea gang couldn't as much as nick Franco much less kill him. In fact the only time that Franco was actually hit,back in Las Vages, the bullet was stopped by Franco's concealed gun that he had strapped to his chest!As you would expect Agent Beretta-Franco's Interpol code name-had no trouble whatsoever taking out Johhny and his gang of coked up, they use it as well as sell it, drug pushers. We also got to see in the movie Franco ride horses as well as sing besides flexing his enormous muscles which after a while, with him doing it like every five minutes in the film, got a bit monotonous to say the least. The big bonus in the movie was at the very end, with the ending credits, where we at last, after waiting all that time, got to see the sexy Linda strip off her top as she and Franco, who still kept his trunks on, were seen happily swimming in the sun drenched Mediterranean Sea! After suffering through an hour and a half of chases explosions and shoot-outs It's was well worth the wait!

I like when certain low budget independent motion pictures are trying harder to make a point. "Beretta's Island" certainly is one of them. Franco Columbu (Mr. World, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia) produced this movie and stars as an interpol agent - code name Beretta - who is forced out of retirement to avenge the cold-blooded murder of a cop. The killer's trail leads to Franco's hometown on the beautiful island of Sardinia, west of the Italian coast line. Rarely used locations adding an amazing flavor to the action and increases the value of the story and cinematography. I heard that in some circles in the USA and around the world this is considered a cult movie.

Throughout the 1990s, Schwarzenegger continued his activism on behalf of fitness and health and continued to make popular action movies while mixing in occasional comedies. His action-hero films of the 1990s included The Terminator, T2 (1991), Last Action Hero (1993), True Lies (1994), and Eraser (1996). Meanwhile, in Junior (1994), he played a pregnant man. Schwarzenegger became Hollywood's best-paid villain with the role of Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin (1997), for which he reaped $25 million. Schwarzenegger seemed to be losing his box-office clout by 2000 with End of Days (2000) and Collateral Damage (2002). By then, however, he was transforming himself into a new role: that of politician.

Actress and model Jo Champa was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, to an American mother and an Italian father. At age seven, she relocated to Rome, Italy, where she was raised. Before the age of eighteen, Jo had already become one of Gianni Versace's favorite runway models.Additionally, she acted as a muse to iconic photographer Helmut Newton, starring in some of his most legendary photographs, which can be found in a permanent exhibit at the Museum in Berlin as well as in Newton's limited edition book, 'Sumo'. Jo has also been photographed many times by celebrated photographer Douglas Kirkland, and has appeared in a number of his illustrious books.Champa broke into the film industry at age eighteen with Claude d'Anna's French-Italian production, "Salome'', which opened the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival. She went on to star in many significant Italian films including "Dolce assenza" by Claudio Sestieri, "The Family" by Ettore Scola, which earned an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Foreign Language, "Le vie del Signore sono finite" by Massimo Troisi, and "Il sole buio" by Damiano Damiani, to name but a few. She received continuous praise from European directors for bringing an exotic, alluring Mediterranean quality to the screen.At the peak of her career, Jo returned to the United States and starred in Steven Seagal's Out for Justice (1991), followed by Michael Preece's Beretta's Island (1993). then Bernardo Bertolucci's masterpiece Little Buddha (1993), and then Jeremy Leven's Don Juan DeMarco (1994), where she played opposite Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp. Most recently she was in Somewhere (2010) , directed by Sofia Coppola.She has guest starred in a variety of television series' including Walker, Texas Ranger, Avvocati, and CSI: Miami to name a few. In Italy, she hosted the very successful fashion television show for RAI TV, titled "Kermesse".Champa also served as special contributing editor and columnist for Italian Vogue and L'Uomo Vogue. Italian Vogue defined her as "an icon of Italian style. We love her because she is a refined and creative woman, a tireless supporter of Italian cinema and culture in the United States".Not just a model and an actress, Champa has continued to produce, host, and organize many extraordinary events throughout her career. Amongst her accomplishments, Jo produced "An Academy Tribute to Sophia Loren" for the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences with special guest, Sophia Loren. Jo then produced the launch of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, with a dinner and performance starring Andrea Bocelli. She produced the primetime special of that same event for Italian Sky TV. She also hosted and moderated a Special Evening for David and Susan Rockefeller at MOMA in New York, presenting Susan Rockefeller's remarkable documentary "Mission of Mermaids.Jo is known for partnering with many of the luxury designer brands she consults for, with the philanthropic goal of enhancing their visibility in Hollywood while raising money for a variety foundations including Race to Erase MS, the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, and the Carousel of Hope for Juvenile Diabetes. Other affiliations she has worked with include the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation event at Christie's in New York.Jo has worked for many years partnering with Alice Harris, "Sweet Alice", who is a renowned community leader in Watts, Los Angeles, for her annual Christmas toy drive, benefiting those who suffer socioeconomic neglect and poverty. In fact, the Cambodian Children's Fund in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, named a special center after her called "Jo's Kids" honoring her incredible fundraising efforts.Champa has received numerous awards throughout her life for her accomplishments. At the Italian House of Representatives, in the presence of the Italian President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, Jo was conferred the "Premio America - Fondazione Italia Usa". A few years earlier, together with Sophia Loren, she had achieved the "Italians in the World Award,". Jo was also awarded the "Cinema Italian Style Award."Jo believes that "helping others is the gateway to becoming a better person". She has left a permanent imprint in the film and television industry that reaches far beyond the Unites States and Italy. She continues to inspire others and move forward with her humanitarian efforts, demonstrating first-hand what it means to truly make a difference. With her refined, impeccable style and her willingness to be the change, Jo Champa is truly an icon and in inspiration to everyone around her. 041b061a72

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