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Where To Buy Ironclad Gloves

I am always skeptical of trying new gloves, specifically because few pairs actually fit well. I have relatively small hands and short fingers, so most gloves are baggy at the fingertips or have too much wiggle room in the palm. I ordered the Ironclad General Utility Work Glove in extra small.

where to buy ironclad gloves

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On a cold day outdoors, I spent nearly nine hours in the Ironclad work gloves, preparing an area for rock climbing, working with saws, and with wire brushes. Despite the chilly 30F temps and off-and-on rain, the gloves kept my hands surprisingly warm and allowed for excellent breathability.

The Ironclad work gloves also performed well while moving firewood and rocks. They excelled at more delicate work like mounting hardware onto softwoods, an essential part of installing frames onto some of my paintings. The snug fit allowed for excellent dexterity when working with small hardware and wires. Between tasks, I was able to throw the gloves in the washer with my regular laundry without concern of shrinkage, a benefit that gave me peace of mind when taking it from the muddy forest to inside an art studio.

Lastly, one could easily overlook one of my favorite features of the Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves: the TPR cuff puller is a piece of contoured plastic at the end of the gloves that allowed me to pull the gloves on easily by providing extra grip. Every glove should have this feature.

Ironclad Kong Gloves are well-known Oil Rig Gloves in the Oil and Gas Industry. Texas Safety Supply sells Industrial Safety Supplies of Kong Oil Rig Gloves and all types of PPE in the Dallas and Forth Worth area. Based in the DFW Metroplex, we ship throughout the State of Texas for next day delivery. Texas Safety Supply also ships nationwide the same day as ordered, so most shipments deliver in 1-2 Days. Ironclad Kong Oil Rig Gloves are a great quality Oilfield Gloves which we have at discounted prices right now. So, If you need to Buy Kong Oil Rig gloves online then we can handle your Kong Work Gloves need quickly and efficiently.

Kong Oil Rig Gloves are unique because they are designed by people who actually oil field jobs and actually work oil Rig Jobs. Ironclad went and met with the Safety Committees of leading oil and gas companies and spoke directly with oil riggers about what they needed in an Oil Rig Gloves and these discussions resulted in the Ironclad Kong Oil Rig Gloves being made. What was important to the end-user in an Oil Rig Gloves, what qualities were needed, where they experienced problems with other Impact Gloves Oilfield designed gloves. Kong Oil Rig Gloves were tested, redesigned and improved upon based upon input from these Leading Fracking and oil and gas companies.

(West Chester, PA) April 2018 . Lubker Distribution Sales and Marketing Department announces the additon of Ironclad gloves to our extensive range of industrial safety product offerings. Through an exclusive arrangement, Lubker will have access to the full line of Ironclad gloves including the KONG, EXO Tactical and Industrial\Commercial series. Variants include cut resistant, oil & waterproof, cold weather and hi-dexterity models.

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