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Programme élite hiver 2023

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Download But Im The Bad Guy [v0.041] В SOCIGAMES VERIFIED

Question, I am a paid supporter of your game but for some reason I'm only ever allowed to downlosd the 2nd most recent versions even though I get your emails saying I can download the newest. Right now it's just .16 for me. Are the newest releases patreon only?

Download But Im the Bad Guy [v0.041] В» SOCIGAMES


When I downloaded v25, and tried to continue from an old version, I get the "Save files from old versions of this game are not supported." How do I fix this, or do I have to start the whole game from the beginning? Please help, and thank you.

Who knows man. When it comes to downloading games off of steam or other official apps, sometimes that pops up. I've downloaded an app before and my phone says its VERY dangerous but ive used it for 4 years. Up to you if you're going to download now or wait for the reply of the creator. :)

Hello! i dont use so often so this might be a dumb question but if i paid for the current version i will be able to download the PC and android version whenever i want? and does this give me access to the future updates or do i have to pay for it again?

The problem is not in the game, but in the fact that the itch application does not install the game correctly. If you install the game manually (by downloading the archive from the site manually and unzipping it), then this problem will not occur. We contacted support but they didn't answer. Therefore, the only solution is to install manually. 041b061a72

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