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Shugo Chara Party! Episode 13 LINK

Yaya and Amu sees it destroy the garden. Yaya tries to use her special attack:Go Go little Duckies to destroy it. But, it starts to toy with the special attack by turning the little duckies into cards. This amaze the three girls and shugo charas. Amu asks Rikka what it is saying. Rikka tells them that its trying to become a magician and wanted to try to do a kind of magic that surprise everyone to make them happy by his magic. But, it couldn't surprise no one. The shugo charas figure out the reason for attacking the garden. The X-egg continues toying with the attack.

Shugo Chara Party! Episode 13

Rikka grabs the egg and climbs the tree. The shugo charas tell Rikka that is dangerous. Rikka tells them that she have to try. She starts to get tire and falls from the tree. She ask them what is she suppose to do? The shugo chara tells her that to just leave to them. They carry the egg like in episode 27. The mother bird comes back. They leave and while going to the flower garden Rikka starts asking about what happen after Amu uses open heart to cleanse lost x-egg goes back to the heart's egg go back to it's original owner? What happens if it's original owner has already a new egg?

Maybe they'd turn back a heart's egg, but stay lost? She starts feeling bad for them and so does the shugo chara. The shugo charas see a x-egg. As Rikka turns she sees the x-egg , and chases after it by herself. Rikka asked if there's nowhere to return, the egg's going to be wonder around? Then they found x-egg. They said they should inform Amu and others, but Rikka went back to follow x-egg.Rikka was able to calm it down. Amu and Rima comes to the sports field and Amu is amaze how she could calm the wannabe Designer x- egg. Amu was able to character transform with ran so she to do only open heart.Amu was going to instruct her, but she ran away.

Shugo Charas know where she's going. She want's to see if there's owner for the egg. Kusukusu informs Rima and Amu that she is going to find the egg's owner. Meanwhile, the shugo chara guide Rikka to a bridge over a river. They found the owner! At the other side of the river, there is a girl. The egg goes inside of the girl's body. They watch the girl walk away back with her dream. While thanking them, she starts to realize that they are small, but reliabe.

Rikka says that it's weird that the first place that x-eggs and shugo chara born the same way. Su tells her that her egg will be born with the same radiant as her. Rikka ask if they think so. The shugo chara just nodded. Later at home, Rikka starts to wondering that how would it be her own shugo chara be like.Rikka starts to say the same talk that she gave to the shugo chara and what Su said to her. But, this time to the group of x-egg in her house. She tells them that they would some day to become shugo charas. Rikka continues wondering about her own shugo chara. 041b061a72

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