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Buy Discontinued Havertys Furniture

Shopping for furniture on a budget? Catching quality indoor or outdoor furniture on sale is the best way to make your money go further. Havertys offers furniture on sale year 'round on our furniture sales page. You can find the same quality furniture you'd expect from Havertys but at lower prices. Have you been eyeing a particular couch, recliner, bedroom set or outdoor patio set? You just might see it on sale on our sale page and save enough money to add in some accent lighting, throw pillows or wall art. For deeper discounts, shop our Havertys clearance center. We are clearing out these items from our inventory, so we need them to move quickly. That's good news for you! Havertys furniture clearance items are marked to sell fast with deep discounts. Be sure to always peek at our clearance pages to see what's available, and hurry! It won't be there long! We also offer exclusive offers and special promotions to our email subscribers. Be the first to hear about sales and get in on special pricing just by signing up! You just might find that dream dining room set or living room sectional to replace that tired furniture you brought over from your last home. Sign up today to start receiveing special offers.There are many reasons why you would want to shop sales and clearance furniture items. Moving from a big space to a small space could prompt the need to replace all of your current furniture. You might also want to change the style of your living space. If you're going from a modern luxury townhouse to a rustic house in the countryside, your contemporary furniture may not look right. So, it may be time to replace what you have with a whole new look. And that can get expensive. Looking for the items on sale or clearance can help you stretch your money so you can get everything to fill your room or rooms. Havertys makes it easy with sales, clearance and special email offers. The trick is to keep checking back to look for the items on your wish list. Keep in mind, our Sales Consultants and H Design Consultants are there to help you set up any room that needs a redo or fill your entire home with stylish, high-quality furniture. They can also offer tips to help you stay within budget.Not sure what you want? Start your search online with our 3D Room Planner for ideas on what works in your space. Then you can note the suggested items and look for them on sale.

buy discontinued havertys furniture

Visit one of our furniture stores to get started. Or, with our online room planning tool, you can plan ahead and start your design process from the comfort of your home. You can even use the share your cart option to have your selections sent to one of our furniture stores to see it in person before you buy.

With over 45,000 square feet of creative vignettes, The Missing Piece is the premiere gently used furniture destination in western Florida. Stop by one of our locations and discover that missing piece to complete your design vision!

I purchased a living room set from Havertys and in two years they had to send a tech out 3 times and replaced the entire cushion set 3 times. The set is still falling apart and now Havertys is stating there is nothing they can do because it is out of warranty. I advise no one to purchase anything from Havertys. The furniture is junk and I have to continue to make my payments. It is ludicrous.

First of all, I am so very disappointed in the quality of the chairs - have never had such bad experience with a Havertys purchase. Second, Guardsman makes it so very difficult to even file a claim. You first have to go online - fill out questionnaire, attach photos of the damage, then photo of the furniture in its "natural environment" and then print out a form to mail in - after they receive the mailed copy you wait another 10 days for a response. Guess what, NOT COVERED. PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM TALK YOU INTO THE SCAM!!! Very disappointed in quality of Haverty's furniture - obviously not what it used to be!

I was a Havertys first time customer and this will be the last time that I purchase from this furniture chain. My spouse and I purchased a bedroom set after moving into our first new home as a married couple. We made the purchase 2-3 weeks prior to delivery. On the date of delivery which was Saturday, July 23rd, we were informed that the warehouse had put the incorrect on the truck. The driver stated that he needed to complete his deliveries for the day and would return later that day with the correct rails as they were likely improperly tagged. After waiting a few hours, I called customer service and was informed that they needed to wait until the delivery truck returned before they could do anything. They stated that they would call me back later that evening.

Over the past several years I've purchased a couple of thousand dollar's worth of furniture from Havertys and have always been pleased, however this last $1554.00 dollar purchase I'm extremely disappointed! Let me explain: My wife and I visited Havertys in W-S N.C. several times looking for a Living Room suite and we settled on one. Our saleslady kept pushing the stain resistant and after I thought about the 4 grandchildren we have it wouldn't be a bad idea on the Bone colored recliner we bought so I paid the $60.00 to have it protected only to learn that since I paid $464.24 and not $500.00 for the chair it doesn't come with a cleaning kit! I have to notify some aftermarket company and make a claim should it become stained?

A few weeks ago, I purchased almost $8000.00 in furniture from Havertys. My salesperson was nice and was constantly emailing and/or calling me PRIOR to the purchase. I scheduled delivery for a Saturday 12-2, received an email confirmation with later time and then a phone call with an even later time. Finally the furniture was delivered at 6:00 PM (4 hrs. late) and a formal dining room table was left un-assembled in the middle of my floor.

We purchased two recliner full lift chairs with remotes. Because we are concerned with the "mechanism" we wanted to purchase a warranty, which we did. We were told there was a one-year warranty by Havertys Furniture Company. We were told about a five-year warranty from their warranty company. We were delighted that we now could have six years of warranty. After delivery, I attempted to understand these two warranties and we returned to the furniture store to inquire.

Purchased upholstered recliner in May 2015. Nine months later the chair cushion had a crease down the middle and the upholstery on the back was hanging in folds because the filling had sunk. Repair guy came out and immediately said "You cannot buy good furniture anymore." He said they would restuff cushion. Three weeks later they came out with new cushion and also put additional stuffing in back of chair. ONE DAY LATER the cushion again had a crease down the middle.

Wow. So many horrible reviews for the store where we have bought over 75% of our furniture over the last 10 years?! Perhaps the Greenville, SC store is a diamond in the rough. Yes, we have had issues with some of the mattresses purchased in the past, but our local store took care of them without incident. Honestly, their mattresses are overpriced and not the greatest. Lesson learned. However, their furniture has held up beautifully over the years and we have returned time and again to work with Scott. This guy has been there for years and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He is honest and knows literally everything about every piece of furniture in that darn store. It's amazing. The store was recently remodeled and is now much more open and logical. This last trip was a pleasure.

All in all, we will continue shopping at Havertys into the next decade. Yes, their prices aren't always the lowest, but we have an account with them that lets us pay interest free over 12 months. If I went elsewhere and purchased the same amount of furniture on a credit card, I guarantee the extra interest alone would negate a slightly lower purchase price. Plus, I work a lot and I know when I go in, Scott will find me the best possible piece in no time and have me on my way. He always remembers me and even after gaps of two or three years still seems to remember my taste... That's just crazy! Like I said, perhaps the Greenville store is a diamond in the rough, but a diamond it definitely is.

If you're looking for bedroom furniture, living room furniture, a pillow, or even a piece of thread, just don't. Havertys is not the place for you. If you'd prefer quality furniture, decent customer service AFTER the purchase of something, and what's that word that started with an R? Oh, a refund in some sort of a timely manner after furniture has been returned, just don't. If you want to spare yourself a few gray hairs, don't ever step foot into a Havertys. Let this flood of bad reviews on this page be your precaution. Just don't. A slightly angry 1st (and last) time customer.

I purchased a leather sectional ($3300.00), and a kitchen table ($850.00) along with a protection plan for each (costing another $650.00). I was told by the salesman that EVERYTHING would be covered for 5 years. My furniture is 14 months old, and nothing is covered. After many arguments with Havertys, they told me they would exchange out my furniture, and my protection plan would be void. So, I am out $650.00, and getting another kitchen table that will stain and scratch just like the first one. Anything that is put on this table leaves a stain.

I have never purchased such a crap table in my whole life. I have contacted the BBB, and still waiting, but I will never purchase another piece of furniture from this store ever again. I hope enough people out there read this... And be forewarned, this store does not care about making their customers happy. DONT PURCHASE FROM HAVERTYS MALL OF GA., AND NEVER PURCHASE GUARDSMAN PROTECTION PLAN...

Don't be fooled by their sales pitch of "whatever the problem, it will be replaced or repaired within the warranty period" not considering having paid $2500 for a sofa and couch, they will be of good quality. The furniture were seldom used and to have such problems. Never again will I buy anything from Havertys. They have my email address so they can verify me that I bought such furniture. Filed a claim and got nothing but an excuse that I should have reported it earlier even if it was still within the 5 years warranty. 041b061a72

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