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Programme élite hiver 2023

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Noah Anderson

Scuba Busty

Scuba fabric is a double-knit fabric made with finely spun polyester fibers to create a smooth hand with a low luster sheen and a full-bodied drape. While named after the material used in scuba suits, this is not thick neoprene.

scuba busty

Using a backing fabric provides the freedom to ignore the DOGS (degree of greatest stretch) of the scuba fabric, allowing us to position our pattern pieces in any place and any direction to give the perfect printed pattern matching between the left and right cups.

Next, we lay out the scuba print fabric on the cutting table and use the cardstock window frames to frame the floral or print exactly how we would like it to appear. Remember, because we are lining the scuba print with a stable fabric like sheer cup lining, duoplex or cut-and-sew foam, we do not need to worry about direction at all.

When our scuba pieces are cut out we will place them on top of the corresponding pieces of sheer cup lining, duoplex or cut-and-sew foam (remember, with the duoplex and cut-and-sew foam, we do follow the direction of greatest stretch, as shown on the pattern, as normal). We can use fusible webbing to secure the two pieces of fabric together, or we can use a wash-out glue stick to temporarily connect them. By using either method, we make it easier to sew because it is as if we are working with one combined fabric, instead of messing with keeping two fabrics in alignment.

Sayaka Koike is 38 years old. A family of three, a company employee's husband and his son. I used to work as a scuba diving instructor and got acquainted with my husband there and got married. She quit being an instructor when she gave birth, but she stil 041b061a72

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