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Programme élite hiver 2023

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Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson

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LL: How collaborative is what you do? NS: The nature of theatre is very collaborative, and what I do is no different. Going into the show, Oanh gave me his big picture ideas and larger concepts to play with. We knew we were going to be working a lot with shadow play, and although that is typically done with lights, we would have a lot more creative freedom if video took on the job.

You have requested : Manifest.S01E08.MP4.LEG.72...

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LL: How many total hours of your work do you think are represented in this show?NS: I sort of lost track on this one! I know this was one of the more complicated designs I have ever done. Between preproduction and storyboarding, learning the best way to animate the characters, designing all of the characters, animating them, and finally putting the show together on the different surfaces I can say I easily spent about three weeks straight getting the characters from initial design to fully realized on stage. The week before tech I was in there almost every day perfecting the timing and the way everything looked. Luckily for me the Chance Theater is extremely supportive of their designers and kept me housed and fed while I was working.

Although this was one of the hardest designs I have done, it has also been one of the most rewarding. Seeing all of that time and effort manifest into this beautiful and moving show makes it all worth it.

LL: Do you have a favorite projection in this show?NS: My favorite projection to work on was the Mermaid. Between the water physic and the grace of her movements I had a lot of fun animating that. Plus I thought the character animation to real actress was done most effectively with that character. 041b061a72

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