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Programme élite hiver 2023

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I am giving myself a crash course in basic studio sound engineering before the process of purchasing each component for our 5 person band: keys, horn, drums, guitar, bass (and possibly need for a 2nd keys and 2nd guitar for future recording). I've done alright thus far on a modest budget of piecing together harmonious components. Our genre is rock-oriented sound, but we keep the decibel level of this minimally insulated home studio/live rehearsal space at a reasonable level to accommodate my wife and kids two floors up! It's all good. I'm open to in-ear sound, but maybe down the road. I already have many cables, 2 excellent TC Helicon voice a/o horn multi-effect processors. I also have Mesa Flux Drive and Pedal Cracker to distort my vocals for another sound to call and response with the horn player. The set includes supplemental electric drums great during basic solo recording. There is a drum/PA Behringer Ultratone with cheap microphone set up in kick to give depth to live drums with electric drum set. We have an Alesis drum monitor for electric drums. I have a bulky vintage TOA PA for tiered keys and lead vocals with Stageright condenser/Shure 58 and 58/48 for horn and 48 or an el cheapo mic for live kick effect. I plan to use the recent purchase of a Tascam Portacapture 8 to serve potential mobile use and toms, snare symbols during studio recording for now. Guitarist and Bassist bring their amps. We have a powered Europort MPA40BT-Pro to monitor horn. We have a Tascam DR-40x for ambient capture with mics set in open position. We have JBL Series 3 desktop monitors. We want to soon live stream everything to both give folks an understanding of the process of forming original music while learning a rare cover as well as to up our game and keep us on our toes with a virtual audience. I just purchased and have not dove into OBS Studio and Restream. I have only used the basics of Garageband on iPhone. I also have a versatile Microsoft Surface Pro 8 PC/tablet that is powerful and could apply. Lastly I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i8 that I use with Garageband for solo applications. I have not figured out it's full potential to provide the I/O necessary to hear and I/ for recording full band and live stream. I've used it primarily on my own doing very basic overdub solo recordings. Within the past month I've bought and returned a compact Tascam analogue mixer (don't recall the model); a Behringer Xenyx X1832 USB and an Behringer XAir XR18 and learned they don't seem to be right fit. The X Air may be close, but wifi setup was so cumbersome that after hours of attempts and many tutorials to connect, I put it back in the box and dropped it off at UPS. To me this was a red flag. I suppose I could have drilled another hole and run the ethernet cable from the Netgear router over head to the X Air directly in the basement. I was too headstrong for that. The question this soliloquy may boil down to is what mixer and other integrated features/components would be best to this application? Thanks for bearing with me. Just want to give the full picture.

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