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Programme élite hiver 2023

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Ep 821 - Google Drive [2021]

Drive Thru or Dine In Banquet in Salem, 5 p.m. until gone, Salem Memorial Building; sponsor: Darin Odey; menu: fried chicken, diced potatoes, corn, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, cookies; dine in park in designated area behind the Memorial Building and proceed to the front door; drive thru will line up in lot behind the building; one meal per person in the vehicle; information, Patty Colian at 330-831-2169

Ep 821 - Google Drive

Mile Branch Grange, 495 Knox School Road, drive thru soup sale, pick up 4-6 p.m.; $8 per quart; chicken noodle and chili; preorder by noon March 8 at 330-821-8023; leave name, phone number, type of soup and number of quarts

[quote name="d4NjvRzf" url="/t/161652/vlc-for-ios-gets-google-drive-downloads-dropbox-streaming-in-update#post_2460190"]You don't have any mkv files?[/quote]Me, persoanally, no, but that's because I use iVI to strip and replace MKV containers with M4V.

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