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Tyler Thorn
Tyler Thorn

Watch Salman Khan's Tere Naam Online in HD Quality with English Subtitles

the film features two songs composed by pritam and shreya ghoshal. the songs have been sung by the duo beautifully. the songs are of course an integral part of any salman khan film and their contribution is quite impressive. tere naam songs have been a huge success and i wish that they would come up with more such songs in the future. the songs were originally composed by pritam and are one of his best songs and the lyrics have been written by javed akhtar.

Tere Naam english sub 720p hd

shreya ghoshal adds that she is extremely happy and proud of the song. she sings the song, in her own style, with great confidence and passion. i have been lucky to make a debut with a beautiful song and i am happy to be associated with tere naam. not only did i get to sing with salman khan, but i also get to perform with one of my idols, shreya ghoshal. this is an experience that i will never forget.

jana naam mat paheli mein saathiyo tere ishmael mat paheli mein saathiyotere ishk ne saathiya tera haal kya kar diyanaamumkin hai jindagee kaa gujaara sanamho jindagee kaa gujaara sanamtere bina tere binatere bina tere bina

radhe mohan [salman khan] is a loafer, but a gem at heart. he meets nirjara [bhoomika chawla], the daughter of a priest, who has just joined the city college. radhe falls for her simplicity and innocence and dreams of marrying her. radhe declares his feelings to her, but nirjara refuses him outright. unknowingly, radhe saves nirjara's elder sister from an adversity. rameshwar [ravi kissen], nirjara's fiance, informs her of this incident. but before nirjara can express her love to radhe, something drastic happens.. though bollywood has churned out love stories since time immemorial, the story of tere naam is genuinely 'hatke' since it doesn't follow the standard rules of a romantic film. there is no parental opposition, nor is there a rich versus poor angle, nor does it look at two different religions or caste differences, also there is no third lover popping up from somewhere. tere naam primarily revolves around two simple characters. two believable characters. the reasons that bring them together are realistic and the conflict that ensues is equally convincing. this factor is its usp. yet, tere naam is a complex love story.

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