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The Forest Season 1 - Episode 1

Z-Box yells at the contestants, that the first... challenge will begin soon, but he forgot to announce Tie, his co-host. He announce him and then he explains the challenge, which they have to enter the forest, to go into the hill. Team with the most contestants at the summit, wins. Challenge began and Peanut was already confused, because he didn't payed much attention. Perfume told him that they were going to dark, spooky forest, which caused Lollipop to be scared. She asked Tie, if they could take flowery path, but they couldn't. Bubble Tea cheered her up, that they will be fine, but Cactus decided, to annoy her, to show off to his team. But they were going to forest without him.

The Forest Season 1 - Episode 1


Hammer announced, that whoever climbed the summit first, will be a team captain. Lipstick agreed to it, only because she knows, that she will be first. They get into the entrance of the forest and Hammer decided, that they should have 3 groups. One with him, Potato, Churro and Pasta. Second with Cone, Domino, Sugar Cube and Spice Cube. And last one with Lipstick, Cactus and Gum. Gum asked, why groups were needed, but Hammer scared him away. Meanwhile, Oranges were already in the forest and Peanut decided to ate a stiletto. Perfume ordered her team to keep an eye on him, before he hurts himself. While this was going on, Magnet apologized Candle and they decided to be an alliance. However, this was a part of Magnet's plan, which was said in the confessional.

More time passed and Remote announced that his Walkie-Talkies were stolen. He then explained for an hour, about why they need them, but they didn't listen to them and decided to go without him. Cactus also showed stolen Walkie-Talkies, which made Gum not very happy, since stealing is wrong. Apples encountered a fork in the road (literally). And they decided to split up. Gum's group was doing fine for 10 minutes, but Lipstick began to complain about this place being cold. Cactus was mad at her, because she was acting like a Diva. Gum tried to calm them down, but it was no use, because they were captured by Bone. Sugar Cube, was telling Spice Cube and Domino their story, while saying OMG most of the time and it caused Cone, to go frustrated. He went without them and he fell into the hole. Contestants realised it and then Bone showed up, to ask them about Steak. They didn't knew the answer and so Bone pushed them into the hole (off-screen). The final group was doing alrightm until to the moment, when Pasta's console run out of batteries and Potato decided to joke about it. That didn't helped much. Hammer was receiving some weird calls and later he was attacked by the mysterious creature. At the end, Z-Box was hyping up the next episode.

  • "The Chūnin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death"edit第二試験スタート!周りはみんな敵だらけ! (Daini Shiken Sutāto! Mawari wa Minna Teki Darake!)Episode dataPrevious"Special Report: Live from the Forest of Death!"EpisodeNaruto #27 (Watch Online)Next"Eat or be Eaten: Panic in the Forest"ArcChūnin ExamsMangaNaruto Chapter #45, Naruto Chapter #46MusicOpening"Far Away"Ending"Harmonia"Air datesJapanese April 02, 2003English April 15, 2006DebutCharactersOrochimaru

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"The Chūnin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death" (第二試験スタート!周りはみんな敵だらけ!, Daini Shiken Sutāto! Mawari wa Minna Teki Darake!) is episode 27 of the original Naruto anime.

Anko briefs the candidates on their objectives for the second portion of the Chūnin Exams. The test is structured such that at least half the teams will be eliminated. Before entering the Forest of Death, all teams will be given either a heaven or an earth scroll. Once inside the forest, the genin must take the other scroll from another team. Only those that make it to the tower in the centre of the forest with both scrolls will advance to the next stage of the exams. Anko hands out the scrolls and opens the forest gates. Soon after, Team 8 searches for a scroll and manages to take a Amegakure team's scroll after trapping them. Elsewhere, Team 7 is attacked by a disguised Ame ninja.

Back at the Forest of Doom, Gumball and Darwin still complain of their hunger, when Darwin suddenly attacks Gumball, apparently intending to eat him, though, in actuality, he successfully eats Gumball's clothes, leaving Gumball naked. Gumball's voice has an echo while the birds fly away. An argument ensues after Darwin repeatedly reminds Gumball that he threw away their only food. Gumball eventually starts berating Darwin and sets out on his own. In his anger, he did not notice he was walking off a cliff. After a painful fall, he finds himself in an even scarier area of the forest, with predators surrounding and circling him. The three predators show themselves and start slowly and menacingly moving toward Gumball. All Gumball can do is beg for someone to save him. Suddenly, Darwin jumps down and, in a macho voice, announces his intentions to protect his teammate. When the monsters ignore his warnings, he "fish slaps" the biggest one and scolds it, causing it to run away crying. The other two follow suit after another threat from Darwin. Gumball and Darwin make up, and they continue on to the picnic (with Darwin carrying Gumball on his back because Gumball twisted his ankle during the fall).

After an unspecified amount of time, they arrive at the picnic, looking starved and disheveled. They spot a garbage can full of trash and immediately dive into it, eating all the scraps of food they can find. The kids are horrified at the sight of this, and Leslie points this out to Miss Simian, who nonchalantly dismisses it and announces that the picnic is over and they need to head back to the bus. Once again, she stresses going around the Forest of Doom. Gumball and Darwin, gorging themselves on garbage, did not hear this. As they peek out of the garbage can, satisfied with their meal, they discover everyone gone. Then the episode ends with Darwin asking whether they need to go through the Forest of Doom, or around it.

The game opens with our heroine lurching through a magical forest on a clearly out-of-control broomstick. Aggrieved at her rough treatment of its branches, a talking tree catches her and asks what is going on. The story of this episode thus unfolds as a flashback, explaining how Jackie came to be here. By introducing key elements of the story early on in this way, including the eponymous Pizza Morgana, owners of the broomstick, I felt an immediate incentive to proceed in the game to find out more about them.

As the episode ends and the meteor streaks across the sky, one Easter egg is almost blatantly apparent: one of the perspectives shows a shadowy forest, where a handful of Ents turn to see the streak in the sky. What is notable here is that at least one of the Ents seems to be smaller than the others. It is likely an Enting, which means that audiences may finally get to see what happened to the Entwives that Treebeard reminisced about later in the Third Age.

Out of nowhere, a storm of feathers and a blue blade descends on the two brothers in the forest and decapitates both before they are even aware of it. Julian Crouse cries this brothers' names in grief and denial at the sight of his dead brother's decapitated head on the night vision feed when a single large, inhuman eye enters into view of the night vision lenses and is shown through his tablet. Julian screams in horror.

The episode then cuts to a young man, and then further to an areial view of a charming seaside town called the "Old Town". The young man -- Koku -- is walking leisurely on top of the very peaks of roof tops and casually jumps off the three storey building to street level. He walks from the inner town to a two-storey house located in the outer suburbs after buying a number of red bean buns that had been baked that morning by a baker in the town. It is also the workshop of a family of luthiers and thus bears a sign with the family's business' name: "Stella del Mattino".

The episode cuts to Lily's car driving up a mountain road through the forest of the opening scene, to arrive at the scene of the Crouse brothers' murder. After surveying the infamous Killer B mark, Lily goes to show a civilian off the premise. After Boris recognizes the civilian to be Keith Flick, Keith greets Lily with a noncommittal "yo".

Killer B says he will not stop killing until he is found, the long-haired man says he has found Killer B and Keith saying that he will find him. The episode closes with Killer B saying he will be right here waiting.

Meanwhile, the formation keeps heading east, contrary to the original plan. They eventually reach a Forest of Giant Trees. As Erwin goes into the forest, he orders that only the center of the formation should enter it. Sasha questions their course, but is told that they are going around the forest. Elsewhere, Jean also wonders about the plan as it is completely changed compared to their original mission. A senior soldier then orders them to stop and get rid of any Titans that attempt to enter the forest. At that time, Conny also asks about what happened to the formation, with Mikasa replying that they are most likely avoiding the forest this way, losing their spotting abilities in the process.

Waiting above the trees, Jean complains about the orders yet again. When Armin asks him about his intentions, he replies that he is going to follow the orders, that being the right decision. As they see a Titan approaching, Armin wonders about Erwin's hidden motive. Inside the forest, Eren asks Levi why they would enter the forest alone and lose their ability to protect themselves. Levi replies that if he does not want to die he should think, noting the trees to be the perfect environment for omni-directional mobility gear. Eren figures out that he will not get every answer on a silver plate, thinking that others learned to fight this way as well, but he then notices that the others have no idea about what is going on either. 041b061a72

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