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Fairy Tail Episode 5

Naruto and Fairy Tail have very simalar plot styles. (instead of ninjas its mages) Fairy tail's animation style is a bit more comedic. With styleized expressions that look more like the manga. If you like one you'll like the other!

Fairy Tail Episode 5

After a few bowling frames, Luke feels more relaxed and plays a few things on the piano, including "Let's Stay Together." Jaden asks if he wrote this song, as he has not heard the Al Green classic, with Luke playfully taking credit. The mood is relaxed, which would be fine if they were at a typical bowling alley. The more the episode progresses, the more it seems like Jaden will lead them astray, but the moment he steps foot on the landmine, it is clear he is being truthful. The mine explodes and his leg is shredded.

Kirei wants to prepare for the exam and starts a meeting with the members of the old dorm, but Ittoki decides to leave to not drag them into his problems. Ryoko gives him a prototype of Saiga's latest disguise ninja tool. She explains that when used with a Ninja Suit, it can disguise your whole body and even his voice. Kosetsu informs Ittoki that she will take down Suzaku during the exam. Ittoki is against it as she may get killed. She insist that this is the life of a ninja, but that only angers Ittoki, who leaves for a walk. While outside, Ittoki meets Juzen, who invites him for a tea and manju. Ittoki wonders if ninjas are killers, and explains that his father was killed because he was a ninja, and he was told that Iga killed Koga's chief, so they are after Ittoki's life now. Juzen tells him that a peaceful world without war, crime or killing is a fairy tail, but its too precious to give up, which is why the ninja do dirty work in the shadows to protect the fairy tail called peace. Juzen also reveals that Ittoki isn't the first student to asks him such a question. Kishinmaru Minobe and Hidetoki Sakuraba had asked him the same. After listening to Juzen, they both told him that this is not what they want to be. Ittoki then finishes his tea, thanks Juzen and leaves.

Shione tails Tokisada, who leads her to a secret facility. Following the air ducts, she sees some scientists looking at Kishinmaru and other chambers with other body parts. Tokisada then shows up in front of her and they leave the facility. Shione is surprised that he knew she tailed him, but then wonders why he showed her this. Tokisada tells her to do her job herself.

Waking up, Shido discovers himself dressed in a pig costume. After leaving the house, he comes across a wolf who promptly starts to chase after him. Running away, he takes shelter in a nearby home and finds Yoshino, who is now in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Soon after realizing this, Shido and Yoshino are attacked by the wolf, who has now assumed the role of the grandmother from Yoshino's fairy tale. Luckily, they are saved by Tohka and Nia, who have taken the appearances of Momotaro and Nia's original manga character respectively. 041b061a72

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