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Sex Problems? No Problem! Telugu Swathi Magazine Has You Covered

Telugu Swathi Magazine Sex Problems Page: What You Need to Know

Telugu Swathi Magazine is a popular weekly magazine from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, published by Swathi Publications. The magazine covers various topics of interest to women, such as serials, stories, children articles, movie news, politics, beauty tips, health topics and more. It was launched in the year 1970 by Vemuri Balaram.

telugu swathi magazine sex problems page

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One of the most sought-after sections of the magazine is the sex problems page, where readers can send their queries related to sexual issues and get advice from experts. The sex problems page is handled by Swathi Balram, a renowned sexologist and counselor. He answers the questions of the readers with honesty and sensitivity, and provides practical solutions for their problems.

The sex problems page covers a wide range of topics, such as sexual health, sexual dysfunction, sexual satisfaction, sexual orientation, sexual abuse, sexual fantasies, sexual communication, sexual compatibility, sexual ethics and more. The page also features articles on various aspects of sexuality, such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology and culture. The page aims to educate the readers about sex and sexuality, and help them overcome their fears, doubts and inhibitions.

The sex problems page has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from the readers, who appreciate the guidance and support they get from Swathi Balram. Many readers have reported that the page has helped them improve their sexual relationships and their self-esteem. The page has also been praised for its openness and frankness, and for breaking the taboos and myths surrounding sex and sexuality in the Telugu society.

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy information on sex and sexuality, you can check out the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine. You can also send your queries to Swathi Balram through email or post. He will answer your questions in the next issue of the magazine. You can also read his previous answers online at

How to Access the Sex Problems Page of Telugu Swathi Magazine

If you are interested in reading the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine, you have several options to access it. You can either buy the print edition of the magazine from your nearest bookstore or newsstand, or you can subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine through their website. You can also read some of the previous issues of the magazine online at, where you can find a collection of Swathi Balram's answers to the readers' queries.

If you want to send your own query to Swathi Balram, you can do so by email or post. You can email your question to, or you can write your question on a postcard and mail it to Swathi Publications, 40-1-50/1, M.G. Road, Vijayawada - 520010. You should mention your name, age, gender and location in your query. You should also write clearly and concisely, and avoid using vulgar or abusive language. You should respect the privacy and confidentiality of yourself and others involved in your query.

Swathi Balram will try to answer as many queries as possible in the next issue of the magazine. However, he may not be able to answer all the queries due to space and time constraints. He may also edit or modify your query for clarity and brevity. He may also refuse to answer any query that is inappropriate, irrelevant, illegal or offensive. He may also refer you to a professional counselor or therapist if he feels that your query requires more than his advice.

The sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about sex and sexuality, and who wants to improve their sexual relationships and their self-confidence. You can benefit from the expert guidance and support of Swathi Balram, who has been helping thousands of readers with their sex problems for over a decade. You can also share your experiences and opinions with other readers who may have similar issues or concerns.

Some Examples of Sex Problems and Answers from Telugu Swathi Magazine

To give you an idea of what kind of sex problems and answers you can find in the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine, here are some examples of the queries and responses from the previous issues of the magazine. These are taken from the website, where you can read more of Swathi Balram's answers.

Q: I am a 25-year-old married woman. I love my husband very much, but he is not interested in sex. He says he is tired and stressed from work, and he avoids intimacy with me. He also watches porn on his phone and masturbates secretly. I feel hurt and rejected by him. What should I do?

A: Dear reader, it seems that your husband is suffering from low sexual desire or libido. This can be caused by various factors, such as physical, psychological, emotional, social or relational issues. Some of the common causes are stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, medication side effects, chronic illness, alcohol or drug abuse, etc. It can also be due to lack of communication, trust, affection or compatibility between you and your husband.

The first step to solve this problem is to talk to your husband openly and honestly about your feelings and needs. Express your love and concern for him, and ask him what is bothering him. Try to understand his perspective and empathize with him. Do not blame or criticize him for his low libido, as this will only make him feel more guilty and ashamed. Instead, reassure him that you are there for him and that you want to help him overcome this problem.

The next step is to seek professional help from a doctor or a sex therapist. They can diagnose the underlying cause of his low libido and prescribe appropriate treatment or counseling. They can also suggest some ways to improve your sexual relationship, such as changing your lifestyle habits, exploring new sexual techniques, using sex toys or erotic literature, etc. They can also help you cope with your own frustration and disappointment.

The final step is to work together as a couple to revive your sexual intimacy. Spend more quality time with each other, and show your love and affection in different ways. Compliment each other, hug each other, kiss each other, hold hands, cuddle, etc. Try to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, with candles, music, flowers, etc. Initiate sex when you feel like it, but do not pressure or force your husband if he is not in the mood. Respect his feelings and boundaries, and wait for him to respond positively. Be patient and supportive of his recovery process.

I hope these steps will help you resolve your sex problem and bring back the spark in your marriage.

The Challenges of Writing the Sex Problems Page of Telugu Swathi Magazine

Writing the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine is not an easy task. Swathi Balram, the sexologist and counselor who handles this page, faces many challenges and difficulties in his work. Here are some of the challenges he encounters:

  • He has to deal with a huge volume of queries from the readers every week. He receives hundreds of emails and postcards from the readers, who seek his advice on various sex problems. He has to select the most relevant and important queries to answer in the magazine, and also reply to some of the queries personally through email or phone.

  • He has to write his answers in a clear and simple language that can be understood by the readers. He has to avoid using technical or medical terms that may confuse or intimidate the readers. He has to explain the concepts and facts of sex and sexuality in a simple and easy way.

  • He has to respect the cultural and social norms of the Telugu society, while also challenging the taboos and myths that hinder the sexual well-being of the people. He has to balance between being conservative and progressive, and between being informative and entertaining. He has to avoid offending or hurting the sentiments of the readers or their communities.

  • He has to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the readers who send their queries. He has to protect their identity and personal details from being exposed or misused. He has to ensure that their queries are not leaked or published without their consent.

  • He has to cope with his own stress and emotions that arise from dealing with sensitive and complex sex problems. He has to manage his time and energy efficiently, and also take care of his own physical and mental health. He has to seek support from his family, friends and colleagues when he feels overwhelmed or exhausted.

Despite these challenges, Swathi Balram continues to write the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine with passion and dedication. He believes that his work is a service to the society, and that he can make a positive difference in the lives of many people through his advice and guidance.

The Feedback and Testimonials from the Readers of the Sex Problems Page of Telugu Swathi Magazine

The sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine has received a lot of positive feedback and testimonials from the readers, who have benefited from the advice and guidance of Swathi Balram. Here are some of the feedback and testimonials from the readers:

"I am a 32-year-old married man. I had a problem of premature ejaculation, which was affecting my sexual relationship with my wife. I felt ashamed and embarrassed, and I avoided having sex with her. I read the sex problems page of Telugu Swathi Magazine, where Swathi Balram explained the causes and treatments of this problem. He suggested some exercises and techniques to delay ejaculation, and also advised me to communicate wi

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